About Dholakbajaa

Dholakbajaa is a complete house of event management & event Planning. Our services are available throughout the state of Odisha and in some leading cities of the country i.e. Kolkatta, Hyderabad and Bangalore. We customize event strategies to match our clients goals, budget, and resources. We have consultants and strategic partners with expertise in all areas of event management and marketing.

Mr.Rohan Kumar Sahoo is the Founder of Dholakbajaa Events. Before going for event management Mr.Rohan was engaged in helping people in social cause and supporting Charity activities. During his career, Mr.Rohan has distinguished himself as an active industry participant and leader. “We always try to satisfy our clients in terms of providing the best services in most affordable rates”.

It is no secret that a wedding day stands among the most important occasions a couple can experience in their lifetime, and we cherish the great honor and responsibility that comes along with this. With this in mind, our talented team works closely with prospective couples and their families to organize this momentous event to the finest detail, ultimately expressing the personal style and signature of the couple.